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Envy Hairdryer Exclusive set: Envy Hairdryer and Epic Wet Brush The ENVY hairdryer leaves your hair smoother, shinier and with less frizz than most hairdryers out there. Thanks to the high concentration of ionic molecules, ENVY gives you a smooth, salon-worthy finish. The motor weighs only 375 kg but is super-effective, making for a short drying time and less breakage. Smooth and frizz-free Fighting frizz has never been this easy! The Wet Brush Epic is a new and improved version of the legendary Wet Brush, making it easy to get rid of tangles pain-free. This new edition has an improved grip, and the added space between the bristles makes it even more efficient when it comes to taming the mane. The exclusive set containing the Envy Hair Dryer and the Epic Wet Brush is available various at stores and hair salons for a limited time.